Monday, 29 June 2009

Back to Oinkfrogging

Well, I did a good stint in front of Maya, I can feel my body suggesting it is time to stop, so I will. I managed to get a heap done and am really enjoying getting back into it again. The more I do, the more I see that can be improved, fixed, simplified, detailed or extended.

The main areas worked on were the finalising of the fingers before diving into the mouth blend shapes (open, closed and a kinda ooo shape). These shapes combined with the bone driven mouth itself gives some cool expressions. I then whipped up an interface to control the mouth and hands, very cool. I like the ease of working with multiple axes to shift his mouth shape and the lips all in one go. I then setup a heap of constraints for elements of the model and controllers. Along the way I tidied up several other bits and pieces, one thing is that hands are very time consuming, having to setup things like driven keys so many times - need to be careful.

Still to go (hopefully one more good sessions worth):
  • controllers for eyebrow blends
  • fix up all the controller parenting - make sure it works
  • make a layer for instructions and info on the model
  • create skinny arm blend for stretching (if there is time)
  • render out basic turntable
  • render out more animated turntable
  • render out a few promo stills
  • collate files for a submission

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