Thursday, 4 June 2009

Class style and Presentations

I felt kinda bad not being able to do the presentations with the rest of my class over the last two days. I really enjoyed the journey with them would have much preferred finishing it with them as well. Hopefully I will be back into things again soon - I am really looking forward to tackling the last submissions actually.

I really liked how both courses invited so much creative process. As each student got up to present their work, we got to see a different design and piece of thinking - made for a fun two days.


One thing I actually really appreciate about the courses is having the staff demonstrate things during the class time. While reference texts and videos are awesome, including Will's new videos - when the demo happens in class we get all the messy bits around the edges as well. I actually like the fact that things arent perfect and we all need to work out things and fix things up, this is often what we get 'in class'. When it is packaged up in a video it tends to be a super clean flawless run through of something - I like seeing the rough version as well.

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