Thursday, 18 June 2009

Collab Studio Final Fabrications

Today we had the final presentations of the 3rd year Architectural Computing students work for the Digital Collaboration Studio. I really enjoyed tutoring in the course, still have a suite of marking to do and the exhibition to organise though.

The group fabrication component of the course saw the students building real-time visualisations of unbuilt architectures using the Crysis game engine. One of the main goals here was to have the groups of four working together on a project where they needed to learn the technical elements themselves in the context of a larger community of the class and beyond to the internet. I watched the groups explore the new software with enthusiasm, bringing the powers of Cryteks graphic engine to bear on their various projects - gorgeous.

You can see the team's journals via these links which detail their progress and the final works, plus I have embedded their short trailer videos and an image to lure you off to see more. There is something great about being able to dive in and experience these environments in real-time that you dont get here - but hopefully you get the idea.

Omega : Bodo Cultural Centre

Atlar : The Hydropolis

E-Volve : Well City

Orange : Ren Building

Urbans : The Cenotaph

Digilism : World Cultural Centre

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