Sunday, 21 June 2009

Iain McCaig's concept art

[Padme dress concept art by Iain McCaig via The Padowan's Guide site]

It was this single image I came across doing an image search for something - cant even remember what now - something Star Warsie no doubt. Anyhow, when I fist came across it, I wasn't sure whose work it was and ended up down some wrong alleys - but some better hunting revealed the genius of Iain McCaig.

Looking a touch further there are plenty of sites dedicated to Amidala's fashions and indeed the costume work of the whole Star Wars universe. The Padowan's Guide, The Wookieepedia site, Fit for a Queen and others. I love the intensity of the image, how it conveys the mood and continues to convey meaning and plot using her costuming. The developed design is great as well, but it is these illustrations that start everything off - love it.

My first exposure to Iain McCaig may well be his City of Theives illustrations - was my first Fighting Fantasy Novel during my childhood - loved that book. He has come a fair way since then and has books that cover his art in glorious detail - thanks Parka for the review and images. He has done Magic cards, Terminator, Harry Potter, Dinotopia and a suite of Gnomon Videos that would be great to see I think.

I have been doing concept sketches for an Elemental's game idea - will post them up later - though they dont match Iain's work of course :-)

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