Sunday, 19 July 2009

Canaan art

While searching for some reference material I came across a lovely piece of anime art for Canaan.

[Promo art for Canaan via the MiniTokyo site]

I havent seen any of the series, though the trailers/snippets look ok - but it was these few pieces of art for it that caught my eye. There is a simple style about the art that makes it appealing, without needing to go to stylistic extremes, beautiful stuff. I like the line clarity and the balance --- have to learn from these guys. Here are a few more images from the MiniTokyo site in the same vain, classic and classy anime look.

[Promo art for Canaan via the MiniTokyo site]

This is one of the trailers for the anime itself, showing how these characters are brought to life (well life in the strange anime way at least...)

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