Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Collab Studio Exhibition

We setup a simple, but I think very effective exhibition showcasing the final fabrications for the Collaboration Studio. The exhibit was simply 7 of the 48" LCDs lined up in the foyer showing stills and video of the unbuilt architecture as created in the Crysis engine by the groups, plus one 'info screen' to tie the set together.

See previous post covering the final fabrications themselves - some great work.

Having the array of 7 screens was very visible from the main walkway and showed how simply the work can be displayed without the need to create a full exhibition context. I feel a future for such spaces is to fill them with screens and that 'exhibitions' can then be turned on digitally at any time.

Here are some images of the setup showing the screens on stands, we did have some cable-spaghetti that could be tidier next time (power, and security cabling primarily) but I like the overall effect - day and night. Being winter the screens look great in the evening - we did have them off at night to help save the planet, but they look great from far away when it's dark.

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