Friday, 17 July 2009

Corpse Bride

Tim Burton brings his particular aesthetic eye to another quirky tale. I must be a fair bit behind the times on this one, but I am really glad to have caught up. For a while I was actually wondering whether it was another lovely piece of puppetry or whether it was a CG film made to look like puppetry :-)

The animation is truly lovely to watch, just as much for the craft on display as for the final effect. The character designs are for me the standout feature, every character is pushed, refined and exaggerated to broaden the cast spread and to accentuate their specific qualities. Some of them walk around with their respective 'gags', be it a gaping hole through the chest or the worlds tallest hair.
The character designer was Carlos Grangel and it is great to see him talk about the process in the special features.

The lighting, effects, music (Danny Elfman) and camera work all add to the effect and we are presented with another inspired little film. My favourite part of the special features is the stop-motion footage of the animators, showing the amount of work it takes to create even a tiny shot for single character. You also need to check out the special feature (poorly named) called Pre-Production Galleries. This is actually video footage showing how the characters were built from sketches and several shots went from the storyboards to final animation - great stuff indeed.

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Here is the trailer, showing off the characters and also the gorgeous animation:

See also and - now to get Nightmare Before Christmas as well - hopefully lots more special features there too.


I would love to try my hand at a stop motion animation, the last one I did would have been waaay waaaaaaay back in school with some awesome gooey plasticine blob characters.


Also watched Highlander : Vengence (the anime one), which was kinda fun - though completely unrelated...

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