Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Crescendo Designs in Second Life

Virtual Worlds seem like a sane place for parts of the architecture and design professions to be found. Crescendo Designs are in Second Life and are using the interface to show off designs to clients in an enhanced but approachable way. They are a house design firm that has created an area in SL which covers some of the technology in their designs as well as the full-size virtual creations. What they present may not be too inspired from an architectural perspective, but I really like the idea of using SL and their kin to present architecture to all. The option to change the cladding colour etc is starting to hint at the capability of the tool.

Crescendo Designs
Second Life Grid entry for Crescendo Designs
Arch Network Article

Pics of me taking a look at their stuff in SL:


Second Life:
Go visit them at:
Take a look at other things on Architecture Island while you're there.

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