Monday, 20 July 2009

DnD and Magic Booties

The Dungeons and Dragons site has a neato little competition running in cahoots with RYZ shoes. They are looking for people to design the sneakers using D&D as the theme. The shoes look pretty cool and some of the designs make for some fun +3 Boots of Nerdiness.

These are my favourites of the bunch on display thus far, perhaps because they dont go overboard and are clearly D&D while exhibiting some nice graphical sense (one with the dragon & logo might be nice as well):

[RYZ Shoe design ideas via the WotC Dungeons and Dragons site]

This comp follows from a similar one held recently for WotC's Magic the Gathering game as well - I really like the winning design, perhaps too pricey for me to grab a pair though...

[RYZ Shoe design ideas via the WotC Magic the Gathering site]

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