Friday, 17 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

As JK Rowlings novels grow in size, the films become more summary, but that was already in place from the very first. I have loved seeing the actors and their characters grow with each film and this was no exception. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on the big screen gives us some thrilling quiddich, some great action sequences and effects shots to immerse us deep into this magical world, The smoke/cloud effects are used a fair bit, and they are wonderfully done - even playing a key role in the end credits and on the official site (dramatic and engaging site that it is).

The CG work was principally done by the might of ILM no less and though there are the standout effects shots, no doubt there are plenty of others that blend into the film so seamlessly we just soak them up - love those ILM guys.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the film for me was seeing the interactions of the kids themselves. The love triangles, friendship, rivalry, confused youth and more all play out for us and are given plenty of attention in the 2.5hour+ film.

Here are some images from the film, showing off the visual feel of the world created in the films and its characters:

[images from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince via]

Here is the stunning trailer for the film, I am still a great fan of a good trailer and this one ticks the boxes beautifully:


I mentioned that I liked seeing the kids growing up - here are a few shots of them from the Philosopher's Stone and now from The Half Blood Prince:


Forgot to mention the score, this time by Nicholas Hooper and it sounded great, in keeping with the originals by John Williams, but with its own darker more intense feel - iTunes is calling me...

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