Saturday, 18 July 2009

IFX Saejin Colour

As always I love getting my IFX issue each month as there is always plenty to inspire. One that caught my eye this time through was a tiny little Q&A article on blank backgrounds by Saejin Oh.
Though it is doubtless a quick piece of work, it just has enough character in it to lure one in.

[Pic compiled from the ImagineFX CD of Saejin Oh's colouring tips]

Since we are looking at Saejin's work, check out his masterful DeviantArt Gallery. He has a nice style with the girls and their outfits, getting all manner of real and implied detail in there. Here are a few examples that again leapt out at me (there are heaps more and larger sizes as well to be found there):

[Pic by Saejin Oh from his DeviantArt Gallery]

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