Sunday, 19 July 2009

Intro Vid

For the upcoming Computation Studio, the students will need to create a little intro of themselves in the form of a short video. I have been playing with the idea a little as well and came up with this:

It was kinda fun slotting in a range of my work of late and seeing it work in together. I just used the basic structures permitted by iMovie and the other iApps. I deliberately tried to work within these constraints, adjusting my thoughts to match the tools and contented myself with that. I used my own audio on the back and captured the bits of myself just with photobooth. I think the result is ok, even if it is a little daggy...

I have to say though, I am really really looking forward to using FinalCutPro starting next week, armed with that and the theory in the course I hope to be able to make 'video' really sing and dance for me. I hope to have a full trailer-like showreel for myself by years end ... and about time!

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