Thursday, 2 July 2009

MDM Video Construction

I have enrolled in SOMA9101 Video Construction for session 2 as part of my MDM. Being in the 3D stream I dont get to study video and film as a medium much, so I am really looking forward to learning the theory and practice here. The course will use Final Cut Pro, which I am keen to see in action as well and hopefully the skills are transferrable to a Premiere/AfterEffects set that is more likely what would be used at FBE.

Here is the short description from the handbook:
This course explores the creative use of the video medium as a means of understanding both televisual and cinematic representation and the techniques involved in production of both documentary and narrative works. The technique and grammar of the medium is explored, with students undertaking production work in studio sessions to gain a practical appreciation of the material outlined in lectures and screenings. Screenings are scheduled within the lecture program to give students a common base of experience in the history and creative aspects of the medium.

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