Sunday, 26 July 2009

Soul Calibur 4 Art

Browsing through the artwork collected at CreativeUncut is lotsa fun, seeing the energy and style brought to the characters and the artistic skills on display. Maybe the leadup to SMASH has me more enthused as well.
Below are a bunch from Soul Calibur 4 which really do show how to impart the individual character of each personality into only a narrow band. The martial combat game only has these types of characters, and so each must have their style pushed to read and flow in the game without becoming comical. The aim of this art is to also inspire the digital artists and even fans - looks like it would do the trick to me...

[Soul Calibur 4 art via CreativeUncut]

Then there are these two armoured ones from the set - very cool (larger versions on the source site as always)

[Soul Calibur 4 art via CreativeUncut]

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