Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Working on the Photo Anim

Plenty of work done on the animation of the new Generi and her shock photos. The amount of times we need to listen to the audio to get a decent set of 'keys' in place is pretty extreme. It is interesting running it without the audio and the slightly different interpretations the same animation could have.
I like how it is coming along, though I wish there was more space in the audio, to give some more time for the various emotional changes etc to read through unrushed. This is how this work is though, having to work with the audio effectively.
I havent tackled the lip-sync elements yet, as I get the body keys sorted and I think the audio will match more closely once I get the mouth going.

I do feel my arm after solid hours at the computer, though it recovers fine, I am trying to stop once I feel things. I am still mighty impressed with how I am coming along considering the operation I had.

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