Friday, 7 August 2009

Site Interfaces

Just a quick post to cover off a few interesting sites with respect to the more blog-centric world of the web as well as some that just have some interesting interface stuff going on. Why, well just looking at options for the FBE site suite...

SMH : complex multi-contributor, holding site with editorial.
Youtube : clean interface with lots of elements and nice browsing of content.
FBE Blog : shows value in FBE content and contributor mix.
RocketMan : nice single project example with imagery and evolution.
SOMA blogs : student blog aggregation
Inhabitat : blog with multiple contributors, categories and lotsa 'look at me' on the interface.
Harry Potter : nice example of the slight 3D effect (plus transitions)
Second Life : reveals snippets of their world
ZeroFractal : awesome transitions and things wandering around in 3D
TeoSkaffa : Very cute big interface
Hiroshi : coverflow like interface with extras.
EcodaZoo : 3D interface
Diller Scofidio : standing images 3Dish...
Monoface : fun interface manipulation
BK Design : qtvr navigation like
Google Blog Search : aggregator type tech.

[The Eco Zoo - shot of 3D web interface]

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