Friday, 28 August 2009

Tara McPherson Art

[Tara McPherson art images vis her site]

Tara's work seemed to spring forth for me from a variety of sources over the last few days. I hadnt previously linked them all together, but I am glad to put an name and face to these great pieces now. Tara McPherson is a NY artist - traditional media for the most part, but with such a clarity and elegance that it translates very well when she does the same work with more digital lineart techniques etc.

Tare is the subject of the Artist Portfolio feature in my nice new copy of ImagineFX (love getting my mag each month). We get to read about and see her work for band gig posters, comic covers and other pop culture spots. She is also the newest artist to grace Sketchtheatre where we see her creating a beautiful little sketch in her signature style (WATCH IT). She brings such an innocent clarity to the surreal pieces which often feature more macabre oddities. She also has her art on Gelaskins and if you check the blog part of her site, the work features in plenty of tattoos as well.

[Tara McPherson art images vis her site]

I like her covers for The Witching, a DC/Vertigo comic that I might have a look for next time I am in Kings etc. I think the girls would fit nicely into my Elemental's concept pieces - wish I could draw that well...

Hopefully I am inspired enough to do some more this weekend - or will I be doing websites or any one of the zillion other things I need to work on... I really love the cover above with the lollypop and the sunnies - super.

[edit : accidently did the title with her name spelt McPherspn - just as in being pwned :-) ]

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