Friday, 21 August 2009

Twitter, Web2 and video

I am still enjoying the strange world that is Twitter and I am still not exactly sure why. I have just put TweetDeck onto my machine and it looks kinda fun and will help with some things.
I am going to find some energy to look at Delicious and Digg over the next few days as well, just to get a kit of Web2.0 parts under my belt (or should that be onto my utility belt - seems like a spot for a SGU reference).
I should really get my act together on Facebook as well for that matter, no wonder people can spend their lives socially on the web...


On a different note we have been editing together our iCinema footage of La Dispersion du Fils for my video class. FinalCutPro isnt smooth for us at all yet, but it is fun (have to try and get that on my machine)...

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