Saturday, 26 September 2009

Aion Live

Yes, the next big thing in MMOland is Aion and with much fanfare it is now live. The trailers are full of game content and yet still have a rich cinematic feel. While the world is differentiated to some extent from the likes of WoW and the rest of the MMO stable, it doesnt feel like we are being treated to any kind of revolution here. We could say that WoW was the same, nothing too revolutionary, but full to the brim with class and appeal. If Aion can capture players through that same logic, it will do well, but it needs to compete in a much tougher market.

The graphic look seems like a mixture of traditional MMO and a console 3D martial fighter. The official site is rather low-key actually with very much a resource/wiki feel to it. This logic looks to be about building community and that is where MMO's live or die. The site has concept art and other imagery, which I have looked at before, so lets have a look at a few screenshots:

[Aion screenshots from the official site]

I do wish I had the time at the moment to dive into MMOs again, exploring and growing into the new game worlds is one of the things I enjoy most about gaming. If I did have the time though - then I would have to choose a game - Gah - with Aion, Champions, Warhammer and more WoW right now and thinks like Star Wars, Star Trek, FFXIV and more right around the corner.

Hmm, without actually playing, it does look like Blizzard are still the masters.

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