Tuesday, 29 September 2009

CryEngine 3

I am still seriously in love with the Crysis Engine (CryEngine 2), so I am one of many looking forward to CryEngine 3. Crytech dont have much in the way of official stuff for it yet, but videos like this one really show off what is to come. The GI on display here, in real-time no less, is stunning.

The stuff revealed for CE3 at GDC was very impressive for other reasons of course. All the console support will enthuse many and if it brings more developers to the engine, that is a good thing. I wonder if they can do a Mac port of the engine as well then (that would be interesting).
There is lots to love about the quality on display here, the water is beautiful, the environments so rich. The waterfall dynamics is gorgeous and it is so cinematic and realistic for a real-time engine, this has got to have a ripple effect through other industries soon enough...

Here are a few stills from the InCrysis post by Mocib2 - via their CE3 brochure.

[Images of CryEngine 3 in action via InCrysis - recompressed in photoshop]

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