Friday, 25 September 2009

FFXIV Trailer and Concept Art

[concept from FFXIV via neoseeker]

The hype around any and all the Final Fantasy titles is always impressive. Square Enix arent pulling any punches with the newest incarnation to be live and online in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV. There has been lots of press and release info coming for some time now and here is a neato new trailer coming via the Tokyo Game Show.

The FFXIV flash website has the usual promo material. I love the flying vehicle designs, they are original and have that quirky Japanese animation feel that sets it apart. Here are a few screenshots from the cinematic trailers via neoseeker:

[screenshot from FFXIV trailer via neoseeker]

And I just love concept art, so here are a few to inspire:

[concept art from FFXIV via neoseeker]

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