Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Girl Wearing Glasses

[The Girl Wearing Glasses, image from Henohwa Choe's website]

This is a fascinating image I came across in my latest copy of 3DWorld (121). The Girl Wearing Glasses by Henohwa Choe, may not have been created for us to discuss what 'makes an image look real or cg' - but that is the conversation that sparked up several times. If I get really picky, then there are little things that I might argue would give away that this is CG, but when we look at photos with blank backgrounds of real people, some of them look pretty CG-like as well - scary as that sounds. Even so, several people were convinced that there was just something just not quite right.

Full credit to Henohwa, it is a beautiful image with detail in every element. He used Maya, Mental Ray and Photoshop.


I will have to assemble some people images, both CG and real and get people to pick which are which...

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