Tuesday, 29 September 2009

UBER Graphics visualisation grants

Vizworld has reported on two very big grants in the US to create simply enormous rendering hardware facilities. The $7mil TACC project and the $10mil RDAV centre both have hardware specs that just make your jaw drop. I dont know if we mere mortals will ever get to experience things like this in the near-term, but the numbers below make for wild reading in their own:

The Texas Advanced Computing Centre's Longhorn beast specs:
Longhorn System Capabilities
  • Total Peak Performance (CPUs): 20.7 teraflops.
  • Total Peak Performance (GPUs): 500 teraflops single precision floating point operations.
  • Total Peak Rendering Performance: 154 billion triangles/sec.
  • Total Memory: 13.5 terabytes.
  • Total Disk: 210 terabyte global file system.

System Components and Technologies

  • 256 Dell R610 and R710 servers each with two Intel Xeon 5500 processors.
  • 512 CPUs with 2,048 Intel “Nehalem” (2.53GHz) quad-core processors.
  • 128 NVIDIA Quadroplex 2200 S4 units each with four Quadro FX 5800 GPUs with 122,880 CUDA processor cores; 2,048 gigabytes (two terabytes) of distributed graphics RAM.

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