Friday, 25 September 2009

Video Class

The video lectures (and tutes) for my Video Construction course have been fun and I love seeing the countless examples of quality in film-making we are exposed to. Clearly we are meant to be watching ALOT of films. This week was all about Cinematography including framing, colour and lighting. The Wizard of Ox came up as an example in this lecture as well, clearly I should have the film - it is one of my earliest memories of a fantasy adventure film.

In the tute we worked with Compressor and DVD Studio Pro, making a DVD was pretty fun actually.

One of the things we looked at briefly was the Mark Romanek music video for Mick Jagger. The God Gave Me Everything I Want clip is shot the whole time using special harness rigs, they would have been tough to wear for an extended period but the effect was energetic and brought the characters forward.

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