Saturday, 26 September 2009

Warren Louw Art

[Warren Louw image via his DeviantArt Site]

Gracing the cover of my latest copy of ImagineFX (049) was this gorgeous piece of art by Warren Louw. This art style resonates with me a great deal and if you look at his process and finished result is something very similar to the works I can see myself achieving. There is a clarity to the piece that I love, the mixture of tonality and line-art along with the exaggerated forms and a touch of cool.

Warren has a nice article inside walking us through a range of tips on working with female forms, dealing with perspective, balance, emotion, silhouette and more. Note the different hair colour versions in the article for the Becky piece.

Visiting Warren Louw's Deviant Art Gallery, we are treated to a heap more to inspire, here are a few more I like (note all the images straight from the site are bigger for you).

[Warren Louw images via his DeviantArt Site]

One interesting thing that I noted because of his little icon/avatar on the site was how differently an image can feel when we take a piece of it. His Lili image has a certain feel as the full thing, but actually improves when we crop out a tint piece of it like this:

[2 views of Warren Louw's Lili image via his DeviantArt Site]

Lastly he has some process imagery like this one on how he created The Face of Eva.

[2 views of Warren Louw's Lili image via his DeviantArt Site]

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