Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Just a little post to cover the idea that I and the kids might dive into World of Warcraft over the school holidays together. The idea of starting up a little coven of Blood Elf witches and questing together has lots of appeal. With the Recruit a Friend program we will level nice and fast together as well.

Choosing the class is always tricky, esp with themed groups - it is meant to make it easier. Having the 3 mages would be a blast, otherwise the more balanced mage, warlock, priest combo would be fun.

Here is a great pic of a Female Bloof Elf Mage by GENZOMAN via his Deviant Art page to set the mood.

[Blood Elf Mage by GENZOMAN via Deviant Art]

There is also the idea of 3 huntresses with varied pets, a very visually interesting group...

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LuminaryPizza said...

Sounds good. My main is a 80 BE Male mage so I approve... you may call me Master :)
- Hope you choose Khaz'goroth.
- Feel free to say hi in the aussiehorde chat channel
- I have a 20 BE female paladin called Praye (I think)
- Regarding refer a friend. I have done this with my dad 8). Turns out only I (the veteran account) seems to get the triple experience when grouped. For every two levels he makes he can grant me a level so he does more work. We can summon each other as linked accounts. Veteran account gets a mount once two months expire (credit card) or straight away if 60 day game card.

For the horde!