Friday, 20 November 2009

Gamey Lappies

Well, with CryEngine3 approaching and the idea of doing a Machinima piece, I cant help but drool over the more gamey hardware out there, esp laptops.

The ex-Alienware guys have their OriginPC site up and running now sporting their new laptop. The EON 18 is packed with all the very best options you can get in this form factor and no doubt it is a dream to use. I have to say it kinda just looks like a nice laptop to me - just nice. Compared this to their direct competitor, Dell Alienware laptops look seriously special. I do like the m15x, all 4kgs of it, even though it only has the GeForce 260m, not sure why they couldnt put a 280m in there, let along SLI (that is reserved for the m17x).

[OriginPC EON18 and Dell Alienware M15x via their respective sites]

The design difference is quite marked, the EON actually looks quite conservative for such a machine and the Alienware is certainly making a statement. I feel the Origin has the same aesthetic as many of the hefty multi-media laptops from Toshiba etc, all very pretty in a non confrontational way. The sleek diagonal and lit-up Alienware looks like a piece of gaming eye-candy, but for me has a certain style about it that just says 'fast' in the same way as a vibrant sports car.

Dont forget to check Notebookcheck to see why these graphically beefy laptops are really worth the nosh.

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