Thursday, 12 November 2009

Gaming Kit

With several gaming rigs coming our way from Alienware, HP and homebrew, it is always fun to see where these machines are headed, pushing envelopes wherever they go. If we let Engadget's search for Gaming + Laptops do the work we are presented with all manner of goodies, here are a few pics from that search to keep me going until the real deal hits (I still like laptopland):

[Gaming Laptop pics via various Engadget articles]

Plus it is always good to browse the fun at Notebookcheck and their graphics card charts. I am wondering when the next set of mobile chips will come from MVIDIA and ATI - that might help along with the nice new i7s etc.
While we are at Notebook check, have a look at the review of the Alienware m15x (lovely stuff)

[Alienware m15x via the review on NotebookCheck]

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