Saturday, 7 November 2009

Golems over Elementals

My evolving story of a series of girls and their elementals took a slight turn last night. I was thinking through the differences between a Golem and an Elemental - at least as they are in my mind. Here are some quick key differences between the two:

Manipulations, abominations, sad, unnatural, imprisoned, concoctions, scientific, child/pet like, living, killable, preparation before a big event, hunt for components.

Pure, pristine, free, magical, emotionless, no aspirations, no relationship, natural?, dispellable, summoned, need to be mastered.

So, despite the perhaps more negative language around the golems, they are very cool and push the idea to more of a mad science bent. Here are two sketches that I did after this and they feel the same really, they are "animated raw material" !! This can still cover the gamut from flesh, stone, magma, sinew, paper and mind through to stranger matter like shadow or bacteria.

I have plenty of ideas around the antagonists, the world and the origin of the power to create the golems in the works. The notion of ancient powers awakened is fun, as well as focus through markings. Here are a few quotes to hint at what might be to come:

"..when I draw the same markings on my arm, check it out..."

"Whatever went wrong with the brotherhood's ritual, the effects can be seen all over the city, for those who know what to look for."

"Have you tried the rat-tail experiment in the old science book yet, I just couldnt sleep after that"

"... we may not have created every religion you see today, but rest assured, our people are well represented at the highest levels of each and every one."

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