Saturday, 28 November 2009


With CryEngine 3 approaching, there is a new site, MyCryEngine. The site proudly covers gaming, simulation, education and visualisation which is great to see. I would have liked to see them add previsualisation or machinima specifically, but that is fine.

Looking at visualisation, this is what the site says. In a great step forward there is a viewer, we arent in the same realm of approachability as Unity3D, but this is still a great sign.
Visualization licenses are available to companies working in offline visualizations, such as special effects and video production companies, architectural and engineering companies looking for an interactive product for visualizing their concepts in real time.

The Visualization license provides a viewer, which can be used to explicitly playback content produced with the license. Show off the creation to clients and move around the models in real-time. Take advantage of the time of day editor, quickly changing the overall scene appearance to any weather and lighting condition. Import models from standard DCC and Image creation tools such as 3DStudio, XSI, Maya and Photoshop.
Here are a few images from the site gallery showing off the sheer class of this real-time engine. We all have to be reminded that there is no overnight rendering here, it is all instantaneous. I am never completely sure if we are presented with CE3 or CE2 imagery at this point, CE2 can look so so good...

[CryEngine3 imagery via the MyCryEngine site]

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