Sunday, 27 December 2009

AVATAR again

Watching AVATAR again on the IMAX 3D screen was wonderful. I dont generally see films twice at the cinema, that is mighty rare, so it does speak to the quality of the film both as a tale and as technological milestone.

There is a cool article by Leonard Teo in the January 3D World Mag which covers some of the technological work required to bring the epic to the screen. I wont spoil it all, but here are a few stats from the article covering their rendering hardware: 4,352 render machines armed with 34,186 cores and 104TB of RAM - that is some serious firepower.
The article has some lovely imagery from the film as well - as it should.

I am sure the concept art for the film is also something to behold - The Art of Avatar: James Cameron's Epic Adventure book might be one to grab.

[Avatar concept art preview images via Amazon, Filmfilia etc]

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