Wednesday, 9 December 2009

DC Animation Contest

The powers behind the upcoming DC Universe Online have fired up an animation contest. Yes, the vid even has Jim Lee asking us to join in and help animate shots using assets and storyboards provided by them. It looks like Maya is the tool and they provide models, rigs, audio and more - we then animate and submit - with the winners working with them to include the animation in some way for the release. The instructions say Maya 2008 only, will have to see if Maya 2010 will be ok.

This is a very interesting idea and I am certainly thinking of trying my hand at some. Though I have other projects I really should be doing. Also interesting that the full site is on Facebook, they are really linking with the idea of community.
I will take a closer look over the next few days...


And here is the E3 trailer to catalyse the enthusiasm:

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