Monday, 7 December 2009

POPSCI, 3D sport, robots and Virgin Galactic

The POPSCI site has a few stories that grabbed my eye today. First up that the FIFA World Cup will have upto 25 matches filmed in 3D. I havent seen sport in 3D before, but it seems like an obvious application and I can see it enhancing the 'being-there' feel that is sought after.
Then there is the gallery of imagery from Japan's International Robot Exhibition 2009 which is always interesting, seeing how they really love personifying robotics and diving into that uncanny valley with courage.

[Images from Japan's International Robot Exhibition 2009 via POPSCI]

Plus check out Virgin Galactic's SpaceshipTwo under contruction. The Virgin Galactic official site has lots more info including this trailer/advert:

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