Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sketchbook Pro Helmet

Today I downloaded and installed Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro through the student deal as a uni student and it is remarkably lovely to use on the Cintiq tablet. I know I keep ranting about it, but it is just lovely.

Anyhow, I did a few quick tests then decided to see what would spill onto the digital page by way of a helmet. The pencil tool has a great feel straight out of the box and the interface is cute without needing any real config at all. Here is the pencil sketch and a quick colour job using the airbrush and a few layers - lotsa fun.

3DWorld Architectural Visualisation in the Gulf

Issue 114 of 3DWorld has a special feature on Architectural Visualisation - concentrating on the CG work being done for the myriad of huge projects proposed and underway in the Gulf region. There is plenty of classy rendering from some big firms being done for the biggest names in Architecture for these Gulf states with money to achieve things beyond belief it would seem

Here are a suite of renders via the FlashyDubai site showing off some of the uber projects in the UAE though other states in the area are doing stunning things as well - just look at these:

[Images of the CG render-work for some huge projects in Dubai via FlashyDubai]


Just something fun I came across, I like the idea that these worlds created for film and their intersection with our culture and 'reality' create other arenas in which to tell stories. Plus I am keen to get my feet wet in helping out with a film project at some point - that would be very cool.

Anyhow, what prompted this was Fanboys which is a film about a bunch of Star Wars fans made by a bunch of Star Wars fans for ... well ... a bunch of Star Wars fans.

[Fanboys poster via]

The Fanboys Wikipedia entry has heaps more links and fleshes out some of the controversy in its creation even. I am not sure how we will get to see this - maybe it will be online sometime soon - that might be fun. There is an interview with Kyle Newman on and the official site has other bits to check out.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

TouchStrategy Black Logos

A bit of feedback later and here is a quick mod of the logo to create a black version. The proportions now fit the 480x320 iPhone res - the second image here is actually that size with the URL version - seems to work still quite well at the small res.

I considered trying the 'lines' as white rather than black - but it takes on a slightly strange effect - it would take some more work to get that looking cool. I have a version with stars as well, but it is pretty nice with the clean look. I like the extra purity of the white background version, but the glowing black background is ok.

Anyhow, this version seems to be working (big then small version):

Monday, 2 February 2009

TouchStrategy Logo

Here is a more finished, even rendered version of a logo for TouchStrategy. All done on the Cintiq12WX from sketch through colouring to the simple shading work. It has a simplicity to it that feels kinda game-like and thus will hopefully suit.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Termi 2

Watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day on TV today, from back in 1991 and the effects are still awesome. To think we are in 2009 now and things have come a very long way, yet good pieces of work still stand up and have real capacity to endure over time.

I had forgot how many top-notch CG sequences there were in this film - loved it!

[A few images from T2 from some Russian site unfortunately]

Crysis, Google Earth, Sketchup and other data

As it looks like we will have classes using the Crysis Sandbox editor to create real-time visualisations this coming session, I was just poking around at the kind of compatibility we might expect with other tools.

There are threads like this one on SketchUcation on boards about the place showing people doing this kind of thing. It all feels very beta-like as the process could use some real refinement. We have 3ds Max, which will help no doubt, but it would be nice to have a fluid way to get from model to 3D real-time... The Crymod site and forums are is the main place for such things though. I like the work some of the folks are doing in using data from things like Google Earth. The levels using the US Geological Survey data are awesome and there is a tute by 4K1R4 showing how he does it.

Enter ZapWizard, he is doing some very cool stuff getting assets from various places into Sandbox 2. In this thread he takes a SketchUp model into XSI then into Sandbox2 (Crysis) as a test. Here are the 3 images showing the steps - very cool. Note also the Collada interaction as well.

[3 images showing ZapWizard bring a Sketchup model into Crysis via Crymod - shrunk]

Next trick from ZapWizard is shown in this thread where he takes some Google Earth data and creates this area in Crysis. It is cool to think that this is a real-time engine we are seeing here - not a render. The first image below is a photo of the place from here. Then we have his grab of the Google Earth data and then his map inside the Crytek Engine. More pics to be found of the map here as well.

[Photo, then Google Earth then Crysis Engine images - all shrunk]

Lastly lets just pop back a little to ZapWizard's version of the Castaway Island in the Crysis engine as well. I dont have enough time in the day to play with all these goodies at this second, but I cant wait to get into it - soon soon soon.