Saturday, 14 February 2009

Visualising the Past SWF - from the past

I was tidying up some files on my machine and thought I would throw up a little SWF file that was part of a submission for a course last year at COFA (Visualising the Past). I recall it being pretty fun just diving into Flash and making it do what I needed.

Actually, rather than embed the file here is the link - otherwise you will have to listen to the audio all the time: Visualising the Past Flash File

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Glass Canvas

Exploring some Architectural Visualisation folk I happily came across Glass Canvas. These UK guys have a pretty good volume of work and their website shows it off in an overtly graphical way. Their site is all about the work and has very little beyond that. It may not have all their work, but it has a heap of projects that flavour the site which is a model for a site that I have been thinking through over the last few days.

There is some quality work on display, I like some of the video work which overlays sketchy or other graphical elements over the more standard CG flythrough work.

Anyhow, check out the site for more, including heaps of video as well, but here are a few images showing what these guys can do. Looking at their careers page, they are a 3ds Max shop with V-ray and the renderer of choice. This is right down the sweetspot for Arch Viz as it stands today which is not only a powerful software combo, but also leverages the market for them.

[Architectural visualisation images by Glass Canvas from their website]

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Crowd Frockiness

Just one more for today - a version of the top banner with the crowd in the foreground for them.

More Frockiness

After some thoughts from The Frocks, here are some new versions for them. I might like the fancier writing versions, but up on stage these versions may suit better. There would also be the non-KARAOKE branded variants for them as well.

Here is a new version of the top and two side banners:

... ... ... ...

Monday, 9 February 2009


I downloaded Picasa (now on the mac) mainly because I am getting inconsistent colour/contrast punch via the Adobe apps. But it was interesting to see how tiny and simple it all is. It took a while to trawl through my computer hunting down all the images - but that's to be expected. It is a nice little app for a freebie and has some cool little features like the collage and movie tools.

Here is a quick shot of the collage tool using a few of the Michael Turner images - the position, resize rotate tools is cool.

New Frockstar Banner Combo

Just a quick blend of some of the Frockstar banner elements into a new config - the fancy joined up text, the karaoke header and footer along with the babe at the back with all the glitz as well. Lots going on - but hey they are a hot band of girls, with it all going on themselves.

possible edits/additions - punch the KARAOKE text up more and maybe have the girls hand head across to the right on the other side of the main text...

LCA Crysis Eco Comp

The LCA (Lara Caldera Architect) guys have a great entry in the Greentech 'Eco House of the Future' competition. The design might be nice and the ideas worthy, but I particularly like the rendering on the LCA homepage of the house sitting comfortably inside the Crysis real-time engine and looking great. I wish I had the model to run around in - it would be great if real-time 3D visualisations became second nature for the profession, its clients and the community - one day...

[LCA eco-house concept in the Crysis engine via the LCA homepage]

Sunday, 8 February 2009

A simpler Frockstar Banner

Looking at the Frock's website - they may prefer a slightly simpler aesthetic - so I quickly built this version of the banner with a less fancy piece of font work. If nothing it contrasts with the others.

I could punch the colours a little more on this version, it can take it. I will adjust things after some more feedback from the girls - go girls!! Also I think the save-for-web diluted things a little from the original file. Here are two versions, one without and one with the background girl.

... ... ...

There are more Frocks posts here, here and here.

Frockstar Banners

I did a bit more work on some banners for The Frocks. Making vertical text look cool is a little tricky but I enjoyed what I came up with anyhow. Below are the two left and right banners with and without the KARAOKE titling. Then comes the blended text version, that isnt as readable, but has more style about it. I think they will look pretty good up with the girls and they seem to match their website pretty well bringing some real punch with some girlier elements.

These are shrunk way down to 1000px high - enough to get the idea. I might refine some of the edges and details if they get approved.

... ... ...

... ... ...