Friday, 29 May 2009


My pinched nerve type thing is still going on. I have C7 issues which means I cant do much on the computer - which is mighty frustrating. I hope to be all sorted out soon and get back into all the fun soon. Mighty frustrating...

I have been enjoying seeing the twitter posts zip past me over the last week as well. It is often like a feed, little tips to check out articles or blogs etc. I quite liked this one (via the Richard Dawkins tweet) about Scientology being blocked out of Wikipedia.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Blood - the Last Vampire

[promo image for Blood the Last Vampire via wikipedia]

My neck is sore, so watching vampire anime seems appropriate. Blood the Last Vampire is pretty classy stuff again. The Anime style with lots of the frames with barely anything animated again makes for a calm yet dynamic experience - intriguing.

Animeshots is a good place to get some quick pics of the various Anime wonders out there - here are a few from Blood.

[Blood the Last Vampire grabs via Animeshots]

Looks like a pretty swish live action version is coming soon as well:

I would write some more on these - but I be toooo sore.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ghost in the Shell

Giving my computing a rest - I am watching things to inspire. So I dived into legendary and mystifying The Ghost in the Shell. It is a classic in the Anime genre and with good reason. The whole effect is great to see and delivers on so many levels, sensually and mentally. Some of the calmer sequences are beautiful, I like the lights flashing over the cars on the freeway, combine that with the action sequences and there is always something to drool over.

Hancock DVD

I was quite impressed with Hancock actually, I wasnt expecting too much and it turned out to be a really fun ride overflowing with special effects that combined to create a fun little piece with two big-gun leading actors to admire while we are at it. It isnt in the same league as other films these two have done of course, but I still enjoyed it as a piece of real fun.

I understand that the special features gives us a cool look at previs using gaming...

Trailers for the film were fun of course:

Maya vs Body

My ergonomics combined with perhaps too much time sitting in front of Maya mean my back is all sore. I woke up sore one day last week and it has been niggling away, but its really annoying today - so I am calling off any more work on my projects for the day. I will just have to live with that.

I did add the finger curls to Oinkfrog though, simple but effective all accessed via the main hand controller.

I have been 'girlifying' Generi for the Animation course as well, but am looking forward to getting at least the key poses in before class - body permitting.