Saturday, 6 June 2009

E3 Trailers

There is always lots of exciting stuff revealed at E3, that Old Republic trailer is always worth another look. Here are a few more trailers of things that catch the eye - not all are better in HD!! Some of the graphic quality on display here is remarkable - (even if much of it is cinematic)

Augmented Reality Fun


[Sony's Invizimals pic via Vizworld]

Came across another bash at integrating augmented reality type ideas into games: Invizimals.
Thanks to the Vizworld tweets, we can see that Sony have integrated the PSP with the camera attachment and special 'cards' and a host of other interactive detection to make a little pokemon style hunt and battle game.

Sketchup plugin
Via plugins like AR-Media our computers armed with naught but humble Sketchup can have fun with Augmented Reality as well and with the wealth of available models and ease of creating your own - this is mighty indeed.

Eye of Judgement

[images of Eye of Judgement in action via Game-Boyz]

Wizards of the Coast have had this game, Eye of Judgement, for ages now, combining their prowess in Collectible Card Games and the Playstation 3 to merge reality and virtuality.

There are a growing number of these and I am looking forward to greater integration of AR into areas like Architectural Visualisation, Gaming and I would think the whole field of medicine would be a great candidate. Dont forget to check out the GE site if you havent already - lovely stuff.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Star Wars the Old Republic

Well, E3 is on and there is much goodness to behold as always. First up, an awesome trailer for Star Wars the Old Republic - this is a grand expression of the Star Wars world and the art of the trailer as well.

love it!

Class style and Presentations

I felt kinda bad not being able to do the presentations with the rest of my class over the last two days. I really enjoyed the journey with them would have much preferred finishing it with them as well. Hopefully I will be back into things again soon - I am really looking forward to tackling the last submissions actually.

I really liked how both courses invited so much creative process. As each student got up to present their work, we got to see a different design and piece of thinking - made for a fun two days.


One thing I actually really appreciate about the courses is having the staff demonstrate things during the class time. While reference texts and videos are awesome, including Will's new videos - when the demo happens in class we get all the messy bits around the edges as well. I actually like the fact that things arent perfect and we all need to work out things and fix things up, this is often what we get 'in class'. When it is packaged up in a video it tends to be a super clean flawless run through of something - I like seeing the rough version as well.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Pinched Nerves and Watching Things

The saga of my pinched nerve is ongoing, I feel a fraction more comfortable, though the nerve signals through C7 that fire my triceps etc are still impeded - very odd sensation it is indeed.
So I havent done much computing for over a week now and that has been mighty frustrating, I hope the appointments on Monday will improve things at a greater rate.

For the courses, I was looking pretty good with the Oinkfrog model, there was plenty of smaller refinements to do and some extra blends. I want to give him some sort of interface as well, once I can get back into things - hopefully soon.

Generi and her little outburst were only at the early stages and there is plenty still to be done before that project is done. I first thought this would just be a small bump in production, now I will have to fire things up once I get better in a big way again.

I am still looking forward to completing both these assignments in a good way, even if that is late as I am learning heaps through the process. The rigor of completing to a high standard all these tasks is where so much of the learning comes from. When I learn things on my own, it is often too easy to skip some bits or to not do a fully resolved learnng project.

Anyhow, I have been watching all manner of movies, clips, video tutes and more during this time - inspiration in finished product and process.