Friday, 10 July 2009

More MTG art

Here are a few more of those MTG desktop art images to inspire. I think card art is a pretty dynamic and expressive medium for artists as these examples show - inspiration all round. Check the MTG desktops page for more and higher res versions as well.

[MTG card art desktops via the Wizards site]

Demonic Tutor - cool tattoos for my elementals

The girls and the Elementals I have been sketching of late have had these tattoos that mark their control over their creations. I was reading my nice new ImagineFX magazine and there is a short article showing the work of Scott Chou on the updated Demonic Tutor for Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering. Here the tattoos are glowing with magical energy - a great idea and could come in a range of effects - cool piece as well.

The Wizards site has a great array of desktops that show off a range of the cool art used on the cards - here is the Demonic Tutor version:

[Demonic Tutor MTG card art by Scott Chou via the Wizards of the Coast site]

Scott Chou Links:
CGSociety Portfolio
ConceptArtHouse Site
ConceptArtHouse Blog

Note I LOVE the sliding image on their site (Javascript via DynamicDrive = Ultimate Fade-In Slideshow) and it's working beautifully on their blogspot site - will have to implement something similar.


Since I am going on a week of hols tomorrow, that will mean less blogging and such, but hopefully much more sketching, so I will post some of those results up once I get a change - expect a heap of elementals.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Photo Lip Sync

Worked through the full lip sync for little Generi and his emotional outburst tonight. Building in all the keys for that many words in such a short time period as defined by the provided audio snippet - makes for alot of keys in a short space. The audio integration certainly goes up a bunch of notches once the sync is in there though.
I can see that a suite of refinement hours later and I might actually have a nice animation ready to render out. I will build a lead-in and a post shot with the photos as well to complete the narrative - still some more fun to go.

Collab Studio Exhibition

We setup a simple, but I think very effective exhibition showcasing the final fabrications for the Collaboration Studio. The exhibit was simply 7 of the 48" LCDs lined up in the foyer showing stills and video of the unbuilt architecture as created in the Crysis engine by the groups, plus one 'info screen' to tie the set together.

See previous post covering the final fabrications themselves - some great work.

Having the array of 7 screens was very visible from the main walkway and showed how simply the work can be displayed without the need to create a full exhibition context. I feel a future for such spaces is to fill them with screens and that 'exhibitions' can then be turned on digitally at any time.

Here are some images of the setup showing the screens on stands, we did have some cable-spaghetti that could be tidier next time (power, and security cabling primarily) but I like the overall effect - day and night. Being winter the screens look great in the evening - we did have them off at night to help save the planet, but they look great from far away when it's dark.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Working on the Photo Anim

Plenty of work done on the animation of the new Generi and her shock photos. The amount of times we need to listen to the audio to get a decent set of 'keys' in place is pretty extreme. It is interesting running it without the audio and the slightly different interpretations the same animation could have.
I like how it is coming along, though I wish there was more space in the audio, to give some more time for the various emotional changes etc to read through unrushed. This is how this work is though, having to work with the audio effectively.
I havent tackled the lip-sync elements yet, as I get the body keys sorted and I think the audio will match more closely once I get the mouth going.

I do feel my arm after solid hours at the computer, though it recovers fine, I am trying to stop once I feel things. I am still mighty impressed with how I am coming along considering the operation I had.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Magna Carta Tears of Blood

I have been a long time admirer of the visual and concept design work behind the Magna Carta series. I recently came upon the concept drawings for Magna Carta Tears of Blood on the CreativeUncut site. The Magna Carta site has a very short bio for Hyung-Tae Kim the character designer for the game - but perhaps pictures speak louder than words - great style, detail, flair...

[Some of the Magna Carta Tears of Blood concept images from the CreativeUncut site]

Here is a trailer for the game as well - seeing how the team brought these images to life:

Generi Photo WIP

I am now working on the final assignment from my session 1 courses after the disruption. Armed with one of the provided audio snippets I am constructing a jilted female Generi. Her revelation come via a pair of photos that not only emphasise the plot, but act as focal points for the character during the animation. Before my nerve probs, I had already built some of the new-look-Generi and had the basic story-boards in place.
I clearly have quite a bit to go, but will be working flat out on the sequence.

Here is a little shot of the modified model holding the photos - render straight from Maya.