Saturday, 25 July 2009

Visualhouse Procedural Facades

With Computation Studio about to dive into the use of Processing and shape generation I thought the article in the current 3D World mag was all the more appropriate. Visualhouse studio worked with HOK London who were designing a masterplan for an area of Bahrain, but not the individual buildings themselves. Given that Visualhouse needed to create 3D visualisations of the scheme, they chose to generate the facades and lighting procedurally
PDF of the Article on the Visualhouse site

[image from the 3Dworld article of Visualhouse's procedurally generated facades]

Few more images of the rendering/vis work of Visualhouse:

[images of Visualhouse's rendering via their site]

Friday, 24 July 2009


Today we had an interesting discussion around the value of having constraints in a creative task. All media have their constraints and projects introduce more again. There are lots of examples where constraints are used as a catalyst to creative endeavour.

Anyhow, one cute example of this CGsphere, here people have a precise set of rules with which to create their piece of CG fun. The site wasnt active the last time I wanted to visit, but it is obviously back and there are plenty of stunning new images to browse through. I think this might make for a nice student exercise and I would love to try my hand sometime soon as well.

Here are a few of the newer ones that inspired me - check the site for more and links for the higher res versions:

[images from CGsphere]


A suite of folk have been generating beautiful visualisations of some complex data sets with an eye to revealing patterns, displaying the information succinctly and definitely with visual flair. The art created when they combine real data with a visual model makes the data all the more interesting and gives the aesthetic blobs, spikes, swishes, balls and such a level of meaning that makes them all the more impressive.

The VisualComplexity site has a host of projects on display from many artists, as well as briefly covering the details and logic of the process and datasets involved. Check out these babies below and da site for more and perhaps more importantly the links off to the artists themselves where more wonders await:

[Data Visualisations by Manuel Lima via his VisualComplexity site]

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Video Production Class begins

Week 1 of my Video Production class at COFA saw me as the only 3D/animation student there, everyone else were film/video stream folk. That said I was keeping up just fine as we had an enthusiastic look at the early history of film from Tom before we spent the prac class element getting to know the Sony Z1P camera.
Working with FinalCut starts next week - really looking forward to that.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

AugmentedID - Facial AR

I just had to follow a few more Augmented Reality story links/tweets and now post on the nifty work being done at The Astonishing Tribe. Their ReadWriteWeb cover the AR facial recognition app (AugmentedID) and looks like a very nice way to incorporate AR into an interface - more natural than just gimmick.

Promo vid of the idea in action (not sure how much fakery is on display here):


OneZeroThrice have been making progress with their Augmented Reality app for Flash tagged ARtisan. All these AR technologies are still rather clunky, but considering they are just piggy-backing on top of existing software and hardware - they are mighty clever.

This is pretty neat stuff - if the Flash is approachable - it could be fun to play with.


Iam still enjoying the fun and oddity that is Twitter, for the Augmented Reality fans - there is always some activity on Twitter to keep things ticking: #AugmentedReality

Crescendo Designs in Second Life

Virtual Worlds seem like a sane place for parts of the architecture and design professions to be found. Crescendo Designs are in Second Life and are using the interface to show off designs to clients in an enhanced but approachable way. They are a house design firm that has created an area in SL which covers some of the technology in their designs as well as the full-size virtual creations. What they present may not be too inspired from an architectural perspective, but I really like the idea of using SL and their kin to present architecture to all. The option to change the cladding colour etc is starting to hint at the capability of the tool.

Crescendo Designs
Second Life Grid entry for Crescendo Designs
Arch Network Article

Pics of me taking a look at their stuff in SL:


Second Life:
Go visit them at:
Take a look at other things on Architecture Island while you're there.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Randy Green

I think it might have been Randy Green's Ultraviolet drawing that led me to his gallery on DeviantArt. He is a pretty neato penciller that has a nice clarity and style to his work.

[Randy Green pencils via his DeviantArt gallery]

I will have to try and get this kind of feel, clarity, focus and anatomy into my sketching for the Elementals - may even draw from a few to get the sketches going in the right direction.

I actually really like these two of BabyDoll and Mr. Bunz - so cute:

[Randy Green pencils via his DeviantArt gallery]


Yes, as the story goes I was sat on my mums knee 40 years ago as a bub watching perhaps the most momentus event in the entire history of civilisation. Life from Earth set foot on our moon!

The image below is one of many from this event (actually this one is from Apollo 8) that present to us an idea, an amazing idea. Seeing our world over the horizon of the moon - an image that not only required us to be there, but to follow all the evolution, technology and culture required to support such a feat. It gives me chills just to think about it.

[Apollo 8's image of the earth past the moon from the NASA site]

Happy Moon Landing Day! - see NASA for more.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Evolo Skyscrapers

Was shown this inspirational site today (ta Tam) - the Evolo Magazine site which hosts their annual skyscraper competition. Here we have students from around the world contributing fascinating and inspired conceptual designs for skyscrapers of various sorts.
The entries display some visually gorgeous work that pushes the logic of a skyscraper while also showing off the sort of forms that can be explored with digital tools and then rendered up - lovely stuff. I am impressed with the level of complexity that the entries have been able to generate at a range of scales.

Here are a few snippets from the site (shruken versions) - visit the Evolo Competition site to see submissions for the various years and info on entering the current one. I would love to find the time to join in this fun.

[images from Evolo Skyscraper entries via the Evolo site]

DnD and Magic Booties

The Dungeons and Dragons site has a neato little competition running in cahoots with RYZ shoes. They are looking for people to design the sneakers using D&D as the theme. The shoes look pretty cool and some of the designs make for some fun +3 Boots of Nerdiness.

These are my favourites of the bunch on display thus far, perhaps because they dont go overboard and are clearly D&D while exhibiting some nice graphical sense (one with the dragon & logo might be nice as well):

[RYZ Shoe design ideas via the WotC Dungeons and Dragons site]

This comp follows from a similar one held recently for WotC's Magic the Gathering game as well - I really like the winning design, perhaps too pricey for me to grab a pair though...

[RYZ Shoe design ideas via the WotC Magic the Gathering site]

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Canaan art

While searching for some reference material I came across a lovely piece of anime art for Canaan.

[Promo art for Canaan via the MiniTokyo site]

I havent seen any of the series, though the trailers/snippets look ok - but it was these few pieces of art for it that caught my eye. There is a simple style about the art that makes it appealing, without needing to go to stylistic extremes, beautiful stuff. I like the line clarity and the balance --- have to learn from these guys. Here are a few more images from the MiniTokyo site in the same vain, classic and classy anime look.

[Promo art for Canaan via the MiniTokyo site]

This is one of the trailers for the anime itself, showing how these characters are brought to life (well life in the strange anime way at least...)

Intro Vid

For the upcoming Computation Studio, the students will need to create a little intro of themselves in the form of a short video. I have been playing with the idea a little as well and came up with this:

It was kinda fun slotting in a range of my work of late and seeing it work in together. I just used the basic structures permitted by iMovie and the other iApps. I deliberately tried to work within these constraints, adjusting my thoughts to match the tools and contented myself with that. I used my own audio on the back and captured the bits of myself just with photobooth. I think the result is ok, even if it is a little daggy...

I have to say though, I am really really looking forward to using FinalCutPro starting next week, armed with that and the theory in the course I hope to be able to make 'video' really sing and dance for me. I hope to have a full trailer-like showreel for myself by years end ... and about time!