Friday, 31 July 2009

AR Sony EyePet

Augmented Reality and games like Sony's EyePet seem to go together very well - check out this video showing the early stages.

I like the mixture of recognition of the specific cards along with hand movements to make the whole experience more pet-like. I think they should let the kids design their own pet though - that seems like a given seeing how they love to design their spore creatures, sims families, penguins and more these days.


One of the hot new games on the horizon is NCSoft's Aion. While it may be running in the same MMO formula, it does show off some nice visuals. I am tiring of the idea that battles are a mob standing in the centre of a bunch of players, with its animation playing in the MMOs. I would like to see the mobs behave more like other players in PVP, at least they should move, exploit terrain, fall back, work together and behave like the creatures/intelligences that they are.

Anyhow, moving on Aion is looking beautiful as these video show, not just from a cinematic/style perspective, but the effects-laden ingame visuals are looking dynamic and flashy as well.
Plenty of this style comes from concept work - some of which is on the Aion site for us. Here we can see the landscapes are to be as vibrant as the characters, much like a console button-mash fighter game actually. I like the atmosphere shown here - trying to show that the world/s are exciting places to be in

[Aion concept images via the official site]

The characters are perhaps the main focus of the game, they are versions of pretty standard classes, but seem to bring enough novely to them to lure people in. These images show off the features of the game through its characters in a more posed way - very cool work.

[Aion promo images via the official site]

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I dont seem to be able to stop myself picking up iPhone apps here and there. Following from Computation Studio and the generative software like ConceptFreeArt - there is iBonsai. This nice little app generates bonsai trees of various types with generated form.
It isnt amazing, but it is elegant, clever and looks great. The one change I would like to see at the moment is a nice moss-filled pot rather than the see-through one.

[image of iBonsai doing its thing via the app's site]

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Context Free Art

We used Context Free Art in Computation Studio to explore a little bit of the world of scripting/programming and its ability to generate great complexity and variation through very simple rules.

Here are a few images generated through the example patterns in the software:

Here are a few more contributed by the community on the ContextFreeArt gallery

[Images of Context Free Art pieces via the site gallery]


My Pattern = TechGoo

Here is what I came up with after a little playing with the tool. It isnt the niftiest piece of programming, but it is doing its stuff.
This is called TechGoo and could use some more work, but is showing promise. It has a certain elegance about it and I was happy that I could generate something refined without too much headache (as opposed to getting more chaos):

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Soul Calibur 4 Art

Browsing through the artwork collected at CreativeUncut is lotsa fun, seeing the energy and style brought to the characters and the artistic skills on display. Maybe the leadup to SMASH has me more enthused as well.
Below are a bunch from Soul Calibur 4 which really do show how to impart the individual character of each personality into only a narrow band. The martial combat game only has these types of characters, and so each must have their style pushed to read and flow in the game without becoming comical. The aim of this art is to also inspire the digital artists and even fans - looks like it would do the trick to me...

[Soul Calibur 4 art via CreativeUncut]

Then there are these two armoured ones from the set - very cool (larger versions on the source site as always)

[Soul Calibur 4 art via CreativeUncut]