Friday, 7 August 2009

Mono Face

One of those fun little pieces of a site - being able to jumble a face together is fun enough, and this one is beautifully crafted together in flash and what must be quite some work in photoshop. The Mono Face part of the Mono site is neato way to start a meeting as I found today :-)

Surprisingly good fun (try it)

[A couple of face configs on Mono]

Site Interfaces

Just a quick post to cover off a few interesting sites with respect to the more blog-centric world of the web as well as some that just have some interesting interface stuff going on. Why, well just looking at options for the FBE site suite...

SMH : complex multi-contributor, holding site with editorial.
Youtube : clean interface with lots of elements and nice browsing of content.
FBE Blog : shows value in FBE content and contributor mix.
RocketMan : nice single project example with imagery and evolution.
SOMA blogs : student blog aggregation
Inhabitat : blog with multiple contributors, categories and lotsa 'look at me' on the interface.
Harry Potter : nice example of the slight 3D effect (plus transitions)
Second Life : reveals snippets of their world
ZeroFractal : awesome transitions and things wandering around in 3D
TeoSkaffa : Very cute big interface
Hiroshi : coverflow like interface with extras.
EcodaZoo : 3D interface
Diller Scofidio : standing images 3Dish...
Monoface : fun interface manipulation
BK Design : qtvr navigation like
Google Blog Search : aggregator type tech.

[The Eco Zoo - shot of 3D web interface]

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Google Wave

There are plenty of interesting things in what Google have presented in its early form of Google Wave. It looks very much email, instant messaging and wikis all blended together in realtime for us. This idea could seem rather like they are trying to corner the market on communication, which is not only a very big call, it feels a little spooky. It will be open source though, which makes it more attractive and the overall effect is actually pretty cool. For some reason I feel a little unsure if it is all as neat as the demo shows, but even if we get something 'like' this that may be just the ticket.
There are certainly come interesting extra stuff in the presentation - the context sensitive spell checker and dynamic translator for example.

This is surely something to keep an eye on and if Google can release it in some sane form, I can see it taking off in a pretty dramatic way...

[shrunk image from the Google Wave blog post]

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds

There are a bunch of things that I would love to see make their way into a laptop. One that ticks a heap more boxes is Lenovo's Thinkpad W700ds. Apart from its huge main display, we get a pop out extra display on the side. The built in WACOM tablet is a super idea and with vast amounts of grunt under the covers to drive everything.

[Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds images via DigiCamReview]

Where should/could things go from here? Perhaps the second screen could fold upwards instead, that way it can either be atop the first or it can all fold down to make a tablet - which could even be a Cintiq active device - cool (maybe detachable for that).

Tim Burton's Poem

The Nightmare Before Christmas animation of Tim Burton's Original Poem is a very cute little video. We get Tim's original concept for the feature length film, narrated by Christopher Lee with cute 2D animations to boot. It almost has the feel of previs - but better :-)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Stop Motion TVC

There is a brand new Target commercial on TV now that employs stop motion and actors to great effect. The "Every Colour You Can Dream" advert was created by PRIDIGY with post by Animal Logic with The Campaign Palace holding the reins. I like that Aussie companies continue to create cool pieces like this, we always seem to be good at making a neato ad.

VIDEO Link - follow it!!

There is more detail on AdvertLog and Coloribus.


EDIT : Forgot to mention that the concept is very much like Oren Lavie's music video.

Comi Con done - SMASH approacheth

This coming weekend SMASH will be on again here at the UNSW campus. With all the hype around this years San Diego Comic Con, hopefully that will add a little more buzz to SMASH. The feature on CGSociety from Comic Con hangs on to some of the gaming news and has an awesome image of some of the Cosplay:

[Comic Con 2009 cosplay image via CGSociety feature]

Back to SMASH, there should be plenty of cosplay on display, hopefully some good ones! I loved seeing the artists doing their thing on paper or WACOM, and it is just nice to see everyone happy about their hobbies.

Speaking of Comic Con - lots of people covered the event, like MaximumPC and Parka.