Saturday, 15 August 2009

Drupal and Wordpress

I have started looking at web techs with some more interest of late. Drupal is getting plenty of attention around the place and I like the blog tools and the cool array of capability available for the platform. I would love to find a nice way to get my head around it all quickly.

[Drupal logo via the main site]

Some sites of relevance powered by Drupal:
Popular Science
The New York Observer

I also had a closer look at the cool stuff running on Inhabitat using all the fun Wordpress tools.

Sketch n Colour

It had been a little while since I picked up the WACOM tablet, so I dived in and did a colour job on one of my Elemental sketches. The Elemental concepts have been on my mind a fair bit lately and I can even see the girls and their charges being the subject of grad project.

Anyhow, here is the Tentacle Elemental concept, with a quick dash of colour thrown in.


Plus, here is a cool little sketch I did after SMASH - a nice dose of manga in her:

Friday, 14 August 2009

Cities at Night

With the Digital Computation Studio class gearing up for their shape grammar submission, I found it interesting to see how many were opting for the Urban Planning option. So when I came across this set of NASA images, I thought about the grammars that could be used to describe them and how the lights reveal other things about cites than we get from Google Earth or more traditional mapping.

[NASA image of Chicago via their earthobservatory site]

iCinema Filming

Thursday was filming day for us at iCinema, as we captured footage covering the current project for Matt McGinity, La Dispersion du Fils. The Dispersion of the Sun project is visually spectacular and in the AVIE Theatre it is so immersive - like a waking dream.
Filming was fun, working with lights, cameras, interviews, shot selections and digital sources. Next step is to capture and log all the footage and make a draft cut at our 5 minute documentary.

[promo pic from La Dispersion du Fils via the iCinema site]

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

First Figure

I always wanted to surround my workstation with not only images of inspiration, but little 3D characters and the like as well. Sooo I finally grabbed my first little 3D model/figurine and love it. The little Skeleton Girl from The Corpse Bride, beautiful piece of character design:

isnt she cute...

Monday, 10 August 2009

Few pics from the weekend

One of the cool things about the weekend was all the extra stuff on at UNSW all at the same time. While I was helping out and enjoying the fun at SMASH there was also the FormFuntionFabulous exhibition of furniture in the Red Centre Gallery (I liked the glowing chairs and the flouro bathtub - plus the plant pot that is a giant corcscrew that you wind into the ground is a great idea). The Science Theatre had dance eistedford type activity aplenty and the Aussie Rules teams were duking it out on the oval. Here are a few pics of the fun:

Financial Report

Odd name for a blog post from me for sure - but I did find the report from Activision Blizzard interesting reading. Though I dont come at it from a share price and business health perspective - the report does reveal all manner of interesting things about the gaming market from one of ts heavy-weights. Seeing them revise down their yearly projections by a few hundred million becuase they push back a couple of games by a few months is telling enough. When they throw arounf 4+ billion in revenue it does show how big the gaming market is across multiple platforms and gaming types.

I like this little snippet:
For calendar 2009, as a result of moving the anticipated releases of Activision Publishing's Singularity and Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II into 2010 and lower market expectations, Activision Blizzard is adjusting its outlook for GAAP net revenues from $4.3 billion to $4.05 billion, and its outlook for non-GAAP net revenues from $4.8 billion to $4.5 billion.
[quote from Activision Blizzard financial report]

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Vid

[Image from CGSociety's feature on the 40K Cinematic]

CGsociety have a feature on the work of Sydney's Plastic Wax on the new Warhammer 40K Space Marine cimematic. I always like how CGS manage to get nice WIP or wireframe type pics of these things, it reveals a great deal about the modelling, texture work and more with just a hint at what lies behind the finished imagery.

[Images from CGSociety's feature on the 40K Cinematic]

Here the effect to me is still very much like toys smoting each other rather than it feeling like 'reality' - but that works for me in this context perfectly fine. Plus always cool to see Sydney teams doing cool stuff.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

SMASH done for 2009

SMASH was fun again this year. Some of the things that stood out for me:
  • Cosplay - some really impressive entries and lotsa other people in the spirit of it.
  • Doodle Comp - I am inspired by the way all manner of people just sit at the tables and create beautiful little drawings.
  • Stalls - got myself a little model of the skeleton girl from The Corpse Bride - cool.
  • Dance Machine - those guys on the dance machines are frightening, soooo fast.
Pics coming soon...


[LEVELhead in action pic via the homepage]

This is perhaps one of the neatest little AR applications/games I have seen so far - beautifully simple, elegant and oh so clever. LEVELhead is a little puzzle game tightly integrated with the current AR logic, using markers on the faces of cubes which then hold little 3D rooms that can be tilted by the player to move the 'person' inside through the maze of connections. The execution is some very nice (though simple) 3D environments and the tactility of the cubes looks quite engaging. This is Augmented Reality in a digestable format, it doesnt need too much instruction and the marker constraints form part of the game - very nice.

Blog Aggregation

One of the concepts that I am keen on exploring is the idea of blog aggregation and the idiosyncrasies of such a thing. Well along comes Google with their Google Blog Search (beta) which is their stab at doing just that.

More explration of it is required, but it is interesting already.