Saturday, 22 August 2009


I kinda miss being in an MMO, check out the changes/additions coming the way of the legions of WoW players. I like that Blizzard are far from resting on their successful laurels, the world is changing, the classes, the races and more. I think I might enjoy being a goblin :-)
Check out World of Warcraft: Cataclysm -

The new class combos are cool, I always liked the idea of say a group of hunters of all different races and other similar things. Guilds of the one race are also more viable now (more fond memories of the Gnomads back in the EQ days)...
Oh and we should have the Worgen defect to the Horde...

Diablo 3 and a Monkey

The eagerly awaited return of Blizzard's Diablo series will be here soon and we now have footage of the 4th class - da Monk. The cinematic trailer clearly didnt see Blizzards full cinematic team on the case, it actually looks like it was all shot inside WoW. The models, animations and look - all feel very much like WoW machinema - it is pretty good given that. There are also gameplay vids as well that I think do a better job of selling the game - look at the monk go.

The Diablo 3 site is another nice piece of Flash and has a range of images for us to admire of the characters and creatures that will grace the game. The design and gameplay images are all classy and I am keen to see it all in action. I have fond memories of the first Diablo, with its generated dungeons, much like a super-graphical Nethack - we need more games like that...

[design images from Diablo 3 via the Blizzard site]

InsideGaming fun

The guys at have a nicely self-irreverant video bloggy kinda thing: InsideGaming. It is fun to have Gaming news with a twist that understands gaming...

Friday, 21 August 2009

Twitter, Web2 and video

I am still enjoying the strange world that is Twitter and I am still not exactly sure why. I have just put TweetDeck onto my machine and it looks kinda fun and will help with some things.
I am going to find some energy to look at Delicious and Digg over the next few days as well, just to get a kit of Web2.0 parts under my belt (or should that be onto my utility belt - seems like a spot for a SGU reference).
I should really get my act together on Facebook as well for that matter, no wonder people can spend their lives socially on the web...


On a different note we have been editing together our iCinema footage of La Dispersion du Fils for my video class. FinalCutPro isnt smooth for us at all yet, but it is fun (have to try and get that on my machine)...

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Comp Studio Vids

Yep, Project1 submissions for Computation Studio are in. The Blackboard interface has been going pretty well and the link to things like youtube, flickr and such are much better than earlier versions of our LMS. The students were exploring Shape Grammars and created videos of their work, here are a couple that show not only the grammars, but also some fun in After Effects which is cool.

Ames Room

One of the coolest things we covered a few weeks ago in my Video Construction class lecture was some cinematic fun using optical illusions like the Ames Room. This still freaks me out that my brain is so easily and completely fooled.
Here is a clip from the BBC doco Brain Story which shows the 'magic' in action:

See also: Ames Room and check out more on youtube. There is lots about visualisation that is about delivering a vision for people and using tools like this is just plain clever. The LotR films used this for the Hobbits and lots of CG is about creating what our minds expect to see or using that to our advantage.

COFA Campus Dev

There is a nice new site for the COFA campus redevelopment, the Future COFA site. We get to see in nice detail the structures and design intent that will completely transform the campus and set the stage for the study and research of the fine arts going forward.

[image of the COFA redevelopment to come via the Future COFA site]

It looks like there wont be that much impact on my study through the MDM for next year actually - hopefully that means I will see things evolve as I turn up to classes. UNSW is currently completing the huge student housing project on High St and the expanded Medicine Building and its Lowey Cancer Bldg. There is work on Western Grounds and the new Energy Building to go at the front gate - much exciting work in all directions.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Charmed Marathon

Family has started from the beginning of Charmed, with the idea of working through all 178 episodes together. We have 4 episodes under our belt already and it is fun for all so long as you check your skeptical mind at the door and go along for the ride.