Saturday, 5 September 2009

Web Elemental Concept Sketch

Here is a quick scan of the sketch from last night - should be suitable for a quick and interesting colour treatment - that next.

Marvel Disney

When I heard that Disney was adding Marvel to its stable, my first reaction was that there would be a small storm of tweets. Perhaps there was, but I must have missed it. Anyhow this is pretty big news and it will be interesting to see if there is any effect on Marvel in the fallout.

One of the interesting things that spawned from the announcement were all the mashups of Disney and Marvel franchise characters. The competition on Worth1000 has some of the best pieces, here are a few. There are more out there though, like the set on SuperPunch.

[Disney/Marvel combo illustrations from the Worth1000 competition site]

Plus, for subtlety the image below hints at a more subtle influence.

[Disney/Marvel combo illustration from the Worth1000 competition site]

Friday, 4 September 2009

CG Cars

There is a definite skill to the craft of creating a nice automotive 3D model. The geometry has nice compound curves in all directions and the paintwork is tough on material and rendering setups. The Denis Designs blog has a nice collection of various CG car renderings.

[CG car image by SmokinGrafix via the DenisDesigns blog]

I need to find time to get into Maya some more in prep for next year. I did a nice web elemental sketch tonight at least...

Thursday, 3 September 2009

NotebookCheck Game Chart

I have referenced NotebookCheck's tables on mobile graphics for some time now, they are perhaps the only sane source for such comparisons on an ongoing basis. Well, they now have another view of things, their Computer Games on Laptop Graphics Card table.

I like that Crysis Warhead on Ultra only gets a nice green box from a single mobile solution, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M SLI, whew.

Evian CG babies by MPC

[Image from the Evian Skating Babies advert by MPC via]

The Moving Picture Company are one of the big guns in CG and they have a fun new advert for Evian which features roller-skating babies. Not just a fun idea, but a nice piece of CG for us to enjoy. Perhaps a few pieces of the composite could be smoother, but it is generally very well done and a great use of the tech. According to the small write-up in the current 3DWorld, they used: Maya, BodyPaint 3D, Photoshop, ZBrush, Shake and Flame.
There is a nice making-of video and below is the ad itself:

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Champions Online Cell Shading

I have a great deal of respect for City of Heroes and had a blast in there for a time. So with Cryptic Studio's new superheroic title, Champions Online, live it should hold plenty of interest. Interestingly there is only a Windows version (CoH was also out on the Mac).
The graphic style is like cell-shaded 3D, which is very appropriate for the game/genre. Here are a few shots from the MMORPG site's section for the game.

[Screenshots from Champions Online via the MMORPG site]

I didnt ever play the role playing game for Champions, but I had some of the rules and loved the skills-based system, seeing how to generate characters from it.


One interesting thing, if you visit the site how all the banner-like ads are for a plethora of 'free to play' games - heaps of them...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Rising Sun Breakdowns

There is a neato video showing some of the CG compositing used by Rising Sun Pictures on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. RSP is one of the many success stories in the industry for Australia and their work is top notch as shown in the vid. Seeing how much complexity there is in these shots just gives me all the more admiration for the craft.
There are also videos for Wolverine, Terminator Salvation a host of others on their Portfolio Page.

[Image from the Breakdown for Harry Potter HBP from Rising Sun Pictures]

Google Squared

The dudes at Google are always adding more strings to their bow through their 'labs'. The Google Squared service is a variation on the regular Google search where we get a tabular search result. So searching for things like MMORPG or Digital Camera brings a table which compares common attributes and allows us to add more.
It is far from perfect a this stage, but it is interesting that it works at all.

I recall a time long ago now in the early days of the search engine, when a newcomer came on the scene called Google. I was comfortable with my current engine of choice, but at some point I gave this upstart a try and WOW it was brilliant, right from the beginning. The rest is history...

Sunday, 30 August 2009

CG Angelina

There is a nice little walk-through article on CGArena on Antonio Bonora's creation of his Angelina Jolie piece. He takes us through the process using both ZBrush & 3dsMax from initial modelling to the unwrapping and texture maps to hair and the final composite.

[images from Antonio Bonora's tutorial on CGArena]


Pretty good work really - and since I need to find some time to start building characters and elementals I might be able to use next year, hopefully inspirational as well...