Saturday, 12 September 2009

Avril the Yawnosaur

A filmlet of a father helping his daughter to sleep through the telling of a little tale of a special little Yawnosaur.


* Outside young girls room, father approaching quietly (sign on door has girls name (working name Avril)
* Father starts to peer into the room (dim but not dark inside)
* now from inside we see the door creep open and the father is seen looking in
A Daddy (in a tired but happy way)
D Hi little princess, are you still awake
* Dad headed for the bed
A I couldnt sleep
* Dad sitting on the edge of the bed
* big yawn from A
D aww thats a big yawn, you look sleepy enough to me
* Dad smiling A also
A Can you tell me a bedtime story
D really - you cheeky little one
A please (smiling)
D OK, you lie down and rest.
* dad tells story with nice facial emotions
D This is a story from a long time ago ... actually a very very long time ago ... back in the mystical times of dinocreatures, flying lizards ginormous insects and birds with spiky teeth.
* at some point here transport bed, A and D into cartoony world being told.
D This is the story of young Avril the Yawnosaur, who was only little and often had trouble getting to sleep in the jungle.
The jungle where she was growing up was filled with all manner of strange creatures that made an equally amazing range of sounds and noises. The various residents moved around on the forrest floor, climbed slowly up the giant trees, swung madly through the branches and even soared above the treetops.
On this very night, little Avril just couldnt get to sleep. All the other Yawnosaurs in her tribe were already snoozing, they all lay quietly, oblivious to all the jungle sounds that kept Avril awake.
First there was the Stompadon, he was the biggest and hairiest of all the creatures in the jungle and tonight he was obviously out looking for his comb. Finding even his huge comb at night wasnt easy and his thunderous feet were stomping and stomping and stomping. stomp stomp stomp.
There was the brain numbing buzz from a swarm of scaled Hornitoadzzz. A big colony of them were making their way up the nearby trees after coming down to drink. The bumpy lumpy stumpy toads all make a deep buzzing noise to make sure nobody gets lost. Each one is only a little annoying, but a whole mass of them is hard to ignore. bzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz
High in the trees a pair of Poposaurususes were doing their version of song, which included the occasional POP so loud that a new set of leaves would be blasted from the trees and slowly waft their way slowly all the way down to the forrest floor. [pause] POP
Lastly there was a lone pteranoscreech swooping and squeeling high above the dense canopy of trees, but the sound still managed to make its way all the way down to little Avril's ears. Pteranoscreeches learn to talk by scraping their long claws on blackrocks high in the mountains. By the sound of things, this one must have done lots of practice. Screeeech Screeech
* continue to layer A, D and the comic images. (the active telling and the reaction of Avril)
D Little Avril was still small for a Yawnosaur, but she 'had' been practicing. She did a nice big yawn.
* D yawns each time the Yawnosaur does.
D She looked around her sleeping family, hoping that one would wake up to help her. they all slept quietly though, despite the stomps, buzzes, pops and screeches echoing through the green jungle.
She did another yawn ...
She waited a moment but could still hear the stomping, bzzzzing, POPing and Screeching.
Avril the little Yawnosaur then took a deep breath, composed herself and did her biggest yawn yet. YAAAAWN.
* D yawns.
D Can you yawn like little Avril (asking A)
* A does a big yawn.
D At first the jungle seems just as noisy, but then Avril hears the sound of something very large nestling down to sleep, soon followed by some very hairy snooking. It must have worked, the Stompadon was no longer stomping.
Listening, Avril could still hear the bzzzzzing of the Hornitoadzzz, the occasional POP from the Poposauruseses and the distant but piercing cry of the Pteranoscreech.
Avril the Yawnosaur, settled herself again and did an even bigger yawn. YAAAAAWN
* A and D both yawn.
The deep bzzzing of the hornitoadzzz is replaced by the quite soothing sound of them now snoring lightly.
Avril smiled, at how things were going for her, but then the loud POP from high in the trees and that ear splitting screech reminder her she still had more to do. She was amazed all the other creatures could sleep with the POPs and Screeches still going.
OK, she thought and let out her biggest yawn yet. YAAAAAAAAWN
* A and D yawn again (smiling even more)
Avril hears a peculiar sound then, a rather strange long pooooop sound. after that no more leaves are seen falling from high up in the trees. The Poposaurususes must be sleeping now as well.
Avril hoped that this last yawn had done the trick, but it wasnt long before she heard that chilling squeal again. Was there anything she could do about the Pteranoscreech soaring so high above the jungle where she was trying to get to sleep.
Avril wriggled her shoulders, getting ready, looked around at her sleeping family one more time before letting out the biggest yawn the jungle would ever see. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN
* A and D do huge yawns. A blinks a little afterwards - looking extra sleepy.
That last yawn took alot out of little Avril and she found her head resting gently against her mossy pillow. The jungle was quiet now, she wondered if the screeches would continue. She listened hard for the sound of the pteranoscreech, wanting to be sure - but she found it hard to concentrate, feeling sleepier and sleepier and sleepier.
* D talking more quietly now, A falling asleep.
The jungle was now quiet, only the soft sounds of sleeping wafting around the tall trees. The Stompadon's enormous hairy chest rising and falling with each slow breath. The soothing snoring of the swarm of Hornitoads wafted up to where the pair of Poposaurususes slept peacefully. Lastly no more screeching could be heard and all the Yawnosaurs dreamed the most beautiful dreams. The best dream of all was saved for little Avril, who dreamed of sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping.
* D slides a loose hair across A's forehead and whispers.
D goodnight little princess.
* fade away (backing music continues)
* credits roll.
* pteranoscreech plummets to the ground with a thud sleeping soundly :-)


Here is a quick sketch of what the little Yawnosaur might look like as well.

Like all first draft scripts, it could use some tidying and the visual concepts will need some work - need to work with colour and effects probably. I think this is achievable by our team (Narrative very short film for our Video Construction COFA course)
My favourite bit is actually that we will definately be able to make the audience yawn - hopefully a bunch of times. The idea that we can effect the audience, get them involved while enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Web Elemental Concept Coloured

Here is a quick piece of colour work on the Web Elemental concept sketch from a few days ago. I thought having a little fun inverting the sketch for the web as would having her hair white to match.

Frocks Band in a Girl idea

Here is another little concept piece for The Frocks babes. The concept is fun, with all the girls in a single multi-armed silhouette. If this was a goer, I could clean up a fair bit of course, but as a proof of concept I had a blast with this one.


The guys at Marvel (now under Disney remember) have always had lots of fun with their various franchises and the X-Babies is one such thread spawned from the pages of X-Men. I like how they distil down even further the character of the various mutants, their look, personality and powers.
This is the cover for X-BABIES #1 by Skottie Young == sooo cute...

[X-BABIES #1 by Skottie Young via the Marvel site]

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Frocks Hair Pic

The Frocks may be looking for some more graphic work, so that inspired this little sketch and a quick colour treatment - kinda fun.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dr Horrible

After enjoying The Guild, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was recommended. This short web series comes from the might of Joss Whedon himself and a classy cast of Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. This 3-parter is full of class, it features elegant camera and musical moments which begin with a more humorous bent, becoming more serious as we follow the characters along. I note the show did well at The Streamy Awards as well (web tv awards).

Interestingly, while watching the start of Toy Story the other day I noted for the first time that it was written by none other than Joss Whedon also - check his IMDM filmography for more.


Family is in Series 2 of Charmed, maybe Buffy will be next, though that is some way off...