Friday, 16 October 2009

Editing and The Guild

I havent watched any of The Guild season 3 yet, waiting until we get past our Avril the Yawnosaur submission. Still plenty of editing to go and all the carton effects and audioscape as well = long weekend of work.

Just to keep in the mood, here is the Date My Avatar video from the Guild crew. I do enjoy it, not only in seeing these characters, but also thinking about editing and video creation in general.

Avril Sketches

With editing continuing on Avril the Yawnosaur, here are some more sketches:

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Machinima, Crysis and a final project

I have been wondering if I should do my final project for the MDM as a machinima piece. Not only would this be fun, it would still require heaps of work in Maya, animation of a different sort and give me a suite of skills in real-time that would be extra handy at FBE. I can see scope for effects, definitely Mudbox and handling of scripted cameras and so forth. I am not sure how the character animation will work in the tools, but obviously some very cool stuff is possible...

Creating a trailer like exploration in Crysis of the Elemental's world would be great and if you look at the video below, the quality possible in the CryEngine 3 to come - whew!!

Plus here are some pretty amazing screenshots from Voodoo Extreme's article on the CryEngine 3 features. To think that this quality runs in real-time these days.

[CryEngine 3 screenshots via Voodoo Extreme]

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Toy Story is a cinematic milestone and I loved pt2 as well, beautiful stuff. Well the third instalment is on its way and we have a trailer to adore:

Dragon Age Trailer

The new trailer for Bioware's Dragon Age is out and delivers a wonderful cinematic experience that conjures up some great fantasy RPGness. The idea of classes, dark powers used for good against the darker foes etc all brought together with some great CG modelling and effects. I love what the dark mage character does to the Orc's brain and her transformation.

To see things in all their glory, the quality video is on the Dragon Age website.
Youtube has the lower res one:

For a taste have a look at the E3 teaser:

While we are here, lets have a few pieces of art from the Dragon Age site:

[Images from the Dragon Age site]

UNSW Atoll, DCS09, SL and the iPhone

The Digital Computation Studio (DCS09) students are creating all manner of dramatic spaces in Second Life now at the UNSW Atoll. Things started out with a 'paper city' the students are in the midst of defining their region and then will then bring their own piece of that to life.

Here is the SLURL if you want to check out the fun:


The idea of running Second Life on the iPhone seems like a cool idea. Though there isnt any way to do this in any native kinda way. There are folk working on other ways like this one covered on Tech Digest:

Avril Sketching

Here are a heap more of the Avril the Yawnosaur character sketches destined to go on the walls in the short film. Here you will find odd foliage of various sorts, the Stompadon, the Poposaurususes, the Pteranoscreech and the Yawnosaur herself.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Clouds and Reality vs CG

I came via this image via Twitter (thanks Tom O'Reilly) showing some pretty amazing cloud formations, see the article on WIRED. Apart from it being a very cool piece of meteorology it highlights for me that clouds are one of the key things I think peoples idea in their heads of what they look like is very narrow compared to actual reality. Thus I feel clouds are something that you probably need to play safe with in a CG environment to not have the viewer questioning their reality...

[Stunning cloud formation, photo via WIRED]

Sunday, 11 October 2009

SW TOP Creation of Coruscant have a nice interview with the creative team working on the Star Wars: The Old Republic game. They work through the design and implementation of the vast city world of Curoscant and we even see some shots of them generating the world in some kind of editor.

3D screens

Looking further at 3D screens and technologies, things are hotting up. Panasonic's 50" 3D screen looks pretty good and is really showing that this tech is coming for us all. Engadget's look at the TV seems positive and has more pics of it doing 3D fun.

[Panasonic 50" 3D tv via Engadget]


Actually, for more info on the fun at Japan's CEATEC show, lets let Switched's Tom Similjan do the deed: VIDLINK
Oh and check the nice video showing off the 155" scalable Mitsubishi screen.

Avril Shooting

Principle shooting for Avril the Yawnosaur was last night and was a fascinating process for us, working with script, lighting, cameras and our two actors - great work Peter and Alicia. I took the Video Construction course knowing it would be out of my comfort zone and teaching me alot and that is very true.

v8 of the script worked like a charm, the only real change being that reaching to Avril's forehead at the end was too far, so we went with stroking her hand...

I am busily creating more dino-creature sketches while the team are capturing and compiling the footage. I will start working more on the audio track now, as it is a critical element of the piece.

I should have grabbed some stills of the shoot - that was silly of me.