Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Second Stompadon Desktop

Last desktop wallpaper for now, this one again featuring the big hairy Stompadon searching for his comb. I still need to do a 'poster' or two for Avril the Yawnosaur, but this is a good start...

A Yawn Compendium Desktop

Here is another desktop wallpaper, this time with a handful of yawning Avrils from Avril the Yawnosaur. I actually tried having a heap more, but they kinda end up looking like a choir...

A Stompadon Desktop

And here is the first Stompadon desktop wallpaper from Avril the Yawnosaur:

A Pteranoscreech Desktop

Here is a Pteranoscreech version of the desktop wallpaper for Avril the Yawnosaur :-)

Yawnosaur Desktops

We are looking at just tidying up a few little elements of the Avril the Yawnosaur short before it hits the internet (youtube). So in the meantime, here is the first of a few desktop backgrounds/wallpapers using the sketches:

Friday, 23 October 2009

Sims2 Machinima

I am not sure when I first came across this piece of Machinima, but as we saw a slice of it during our final Video Construction lecture, I thought a little coverage here would be fun. Male Restroom Etiquette is created primarily using The Sims 2 and shows off some pretty cool writing, cinematography, editing and more.

Note - Designers should watch this...


I am still thinking about using Machinima for my Grad Project, perhaps I could blend the sketchwork look with the game engines even...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Shiny New iMacs

Apple have a pretty inspired set of new iMacs out now and they have upped the anti on design, innovation and class for this type of machine. Not only can we now get 27" of gorgeous display, but we get upgraded internals and a very cool multi-touch mouse to boot.

[image of the new iMac via the Apple site]

The big 27" version can even sport the ATI 4850 which is a mighty card for such a machine, Toms Hardware show how well this card can perform, really a great addition to a machine in this form factor. Check the Tech Specs page to see the other components and options available.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Raining Fire in Crysis

There is a movie project over in Germany, Raining Fire, where they have used Crysis to generate their proof of concept and it is absolutely gorgeous. The quality of the environment looks so realistic in a breathtakingly cinematic way. The character animation is also beautiful for a game engine and I would so love to be able to create something so cool.

Here are some shots from the project's site and then the vid.

[Images from Raining Fire via the website]

Avril meets After Effects

After a long day of basic editing in Final Cut Pro, FCP just couldnt cope with the inclusion of the sketches into our edited footage. Sooo even though we hadnt ever touched After Effects before, that wasnt going to stop us. A hefty weekend with the software later and the footage and sketches are playing together really nicely - YAY. The footage is off having the audio landscape added and then we will have a finished piece ready for submission, DVD and even youtube...

I am hoping to do a few merchandising t-shirts before the screening on Thursday as well...