Thursday, 29 October 2009

Yanosaur Combo Desktop

Here is a more dramatic desktop wallpaper for the Avril the Yawnosaur short. This one features the main characters (apart from the humans) and an edgier feel.

Unity 3D free entry

We can now get onto the goodness of the Unity Engine for no cost, at least for the basic version. This is an exciting development as Unity 3D can do all manner of things including publish to the web and with an upgrade to the iPhone and Wii as well. It is nice, like with Crysis, how easily you can switch from editing to playing the level.

I took a sec to grab the new editor off the site and modifying the included island was pretty intuitive. Here is a quick shot of the interface doing its thing:

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Avril the Yawnosaur on Youtube

Avril the Yawnosaur is a 5 minute fairy tale that explores the contagious nature of yawning through a father daughter relationship and their imagined collection of dinocreatures.

Here it is, all nicely loaded up onto Youtube - have fun. Check around on the blog for other related posts covering the script, the sketches, wallpaper and t-shirts etc etc.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Just a little post to cover the idea that I and the kids might dive into World of Warcraft over the school holidays together. The idea of starting up a little coven of Blood Elf witches and questing together has lots of appeal. With the Recruit a Friend program we will level nice and fast together as well.

Choosing the class is always tricky, esp with themed groups - it is meant to make it easier. Having the 3 mages would be a blast, otherwise the more balanced mage, warlock, priest combo would be fun.

Here is a great pic of a Female Bloof Elf Mage by GENZOMAN via his Deviant Art page to set the mood.

[Blood Elf Mage by GENZOMAN via Deviant Art]

There is also the idea of 3 huntresses with varied pets, a very visually interesting group...

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Star Trek Online

With my COFA course done for the session and just marking to do for DCS09 I am looking at games with more intent. I am thinking about just diving into WoW again and rolling new characters with the kids - that would be fun. That said there are lures from other MMOs, somehow having a persistent world makes a game seem all the more appealing. Champions Online and others look fascinating and the coming Star Trek Online is another in the Cryptic Studios line that may even come out this year --- hmmm maybe not.

I am keen to see things like the interface for an MMO in the Star Trek and having a custom ship and a custom crew is just the kinda thing I would like. A bit like having a whole DnD party at my command.

Here is some imagery from STO:

[Wallpaper images from Star Trek Online via the official site]

Anyhow, check out the trailer below, uses game footage...