Saturday, 14 November 2009

Transformers2 - Digital Copy

The Blu-Ray copy of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen comes with a DVD armed with a 'digital copy' of the film which loads into my iTunes, I hope this is a trend that will continue. You can see how ultra-widescreen it is below, this is the res it plays at on my lappy.

Crysis Design Visualisations

These are the three blogs for the students in final year architecture who used the Crysis engine to visualise their grad projects. As always the use of the tech brings out a suite of questions, but there is no doubt that Crysis does a beautiful job.


Ryan Kong



Harry Legaspi



Evan Freeman

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Gaming Kit

With several gaming rigs coming our way from Alienware, HP and homebrew, it is always fun to see where these machines are headed, pushing envelopes wherever they go. If we let Engadget's search for Gaming + Laptops do the work we are presented with all manner of goodies, here are a few pics from that search to keep me going until the real deal hits (I still like laptopland):

[Gaming Laptop pics via various Engadget articles]

Plus it is always good to browse the fun at Notebookcheck and their graphics card charts. I am wondering when the next set of mobile chips will come from MVIDIA and ATI - that might help along with the nice new i7s etc.
While we are at Notebook check, have a look at the review of the Alienware m15x (lovely stuff)

[Alienware m15x via the review on NotebookCheck]

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Grad Studio Crysis Juries

There were 3 Architecture grad juries today featuring full presentation schemes rendered up in Crysis and used in real-time for their presentations.

media to come (I hope).

The Crysis engine handled this task beautifully, with elegant lighting, texture and mood elements. There was plenty of critique on the designs themselves, but I thought there was significant value in the use of the game engine. There was discussion during the session amongst the panel of how the student's models show so much detail and look so resolved in comparison to other schemes where alternate presentations leave more to the imagination. One skill this suggests is needed then is how to present using engines like this, taking advantage of the quality, while keeping the resolution level appropriate to the stage of the design...


I love finding fun things on, of various sorts and here are two that caught my eye today. First another Dragon Age vid, with the creators talking about the combat they have created (mind all the blood splatter). I liked the Baldur's Gate reference, that was a cool game.
Plus a trailer remix for Red Dead Redemption, I love the western genre, so this is just cool. I have fond memories of the Deadlands role playing game actually...

I really like the way these trailers and other machinima examples are telling a story using these gaming technologies. While the cinematic trailers can be gorgeous, we are generally getting better at the machinima versions as well. I am still keen to give this a try for my project in 2010.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Kischilli, Nachilli and Alichilli set out as young casters from the home of the Blood Elves and had a great time on the weekend. We got the sisters to level 18 and are looking forward to more adventure and excitement and getting us some nice birdies to ride around on and some pickies will come when we remember to stop and grab some :-)

Transformers 2 BluRay

Well, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is nothing short of indulgent. Michael Bay really needs a partner who can tell him 'no' on things or to keep things on track - anyhow... The merits or otherwise of the plot and other things aside, it looks and sounds stunning on the 46" Samsung and accompanying soundbar. ILM's special effects work in bringing all the robots and the carnage of the battles to life are just remarkable and look oh so good on blu-ray.

[Full HD 1920x1080 screengrab from Transformers2 via dvdfuture]

The screengrab above is via dvdfuture and their review. I also liked the write-up by David Johnson on DVD Verdict. Hours and hours of bonus material now await...


Architectural Visualisation is big and with the Grad Exhibition of our Architectural Computing students coming up this Thursday night (6-10pm at the Red Centre) I was taking a little look at some of the Architecture articles on Inhabitat. These articles often feature concepts and theoretical designs and some interesting visualisations of them using a range of techniques.

Here are a few interesting images from the articles, featuring gigantic man-made mountains, vast solar media walls, biofuel towers and even another Death Star.

[Images of various architectural concept renderings via articles on Inhabitat]