Saturday, 21 November 2009

WoW Art

Since we are looking at art, Fan Art even, it is always great to see how the artists in a community come out to play and make a game like World of Warcraft be so much more. The Fan Art area of the WoW website is chock full of some very good work indeed, it is approachable and has a common theme which somehow strengthen the whole. I am thinking I will have do do one or two to contribute...

Here are just 4 to inspire you to look further:

[Sample Fan Art via the WoW site]


Following on from the work of Hyun-Tae Park on Blade and Soul, other artists clearly are inspired by the work. Han Park aka Reaper78 has a great little gallery of game art imagery on his DeviantArt page. His posts show he is interested in joining a company as a game artist. He has imagery that emulates the Blade&Soul feel as well as some interesting armour progression studies. There is some nicy graphic style and colouring on display, check his site for higher-res images and a host more.

[Imagery by Reaper78 via his DeviantArt site]

I think the imagery is on the money.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Gamey Lappies

Well, with CryEngine3 approaching and the idea of doing a Machinima piece, I cant help but drool over the more gamey hardware out there, esp laptops.

The ex-Alienware guys have their OriginPC site up and running now sporting their new laptop. The EON 18 is packed with all the very best options you can get in this form factor and no doubt it is a dream to use. I have to say it kinda just looks like a nice laptop to me - just nice. Compared this to their direct competitor, Dell Alienware laptops look seriously special. I do like the m15x, all 4kgs of it, even though it only has the GeForce 260m, not sure why they couldnt put a 280m in there, let along SLI (that is reserved for the m17x).

[OriginPC EON18 and Dell Alienware M15x via their respective sites]

The design difference is quite marked, the EON actually looks quite conservative for such a machine and the Alienware is certainly making a statement. I feel the Origin has the same aesthetic as many of the hefty multi-media laptops from Toshiba etc, all very pretty in a non confrontational way. The sleek diagonal and lit-up Alienware looks like a piece of gaming eye-candy, but for me has a certain style about it that just says 'fast' in the same way as a vibrant sports car.

Dont forget to check Notebookcheck to see why these graphically beefy laptops are really worth the nosh.

Blade and Soul Art, Game and Vid

Fuelled by the appetite of the Korean MMO market, comes Blade and Soul. NCSoft have brought the artistic talents of Hyung Tae Kim, who we know from the artwork of Magna Carta, to the title and thus we get lots of highly exaggerated characters and exotic clothing.

I love the way art like this can still exude a style that so evocative of a vigour and superheroic quality. It is much more than simple illustration, it cleverly pushes at the edges of our artistic eye in the same way as high fashion, graffiti, modern art and tattoos.

Back to Hyung-Tae Kim, this Korean artist has his stuff can be found all over the internet as part of the hype that surrounds the games he does work on, try some at His Manga/Comic styling makes for great concept art, but with the power of modern game engines allows game creators to attempt to re-create his works in living 3D.

Here are some of his art/design imagery for Blade and Soul from MMOsite which has lots of imagery to admire (with an over-abundance of girls):

[Blade and Soul Art by Hyung-Tae Kim via MMOsite]

Looking at screenshots of Blade and Soul, they are definitely trying to capture the concept work, check these out for a great looking MMO visually and conceptually. Indeed, I feel that the art team on the game have taken the idea and run with it, creating an alluring cinematic version of the art.

[Blade and Soul Screenshots via MMOsite]

I would stop there, but there are some more cool screenshots on ThisIsGame via Gamespot - here are a few of them (which show more how the art was translated to game):

[Blade and Soul Screenshots via Gamespot]

And lets not leave out the Video - WOW:

Thursday, 19 November 2009

CryEngine 3 for Education

Yes, the masters at Crytek look to be giving us in education the upcoming might of CryEngine 3 for free. There doesn't seem to be too much on their site apart from the NEWS ITEM itself, but it only just got announced, so I can be a little patient.

I am not sure when we will get our hands on the engine, but I figure an announcement like this means it cant be far away, even if just the engine. Check out the smorgasbord of features coming in cryengine3 to hold you over...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

DW4 Crysis Character

Looking at a Crysis, well CryEngine, character - one place to start is the awesome Dominance War competition. I am keen to see if machinima using something like the CryEngine can deliver something of a performance for my main project in 2010. Well, this model by Faraz Mobin certainly spawns plenty of inspiration to give it all a try. The render here is using the CryEngine2, which clearly does a fab job. See more of his model via his forum posts or the DW4 gallery.

[DW4 entry by Faraz Mobin, rendered in CryEngine 2 via CGSociety]

Also the animation inside the engine can do things like this:

[CryEngine 2 facial animation, this pic via GameSpot]

CryEngine 2 imagery

I know CryEngine 3 is coming, but there is plenty beauty in the CryEngine 2 visuals to keep us happy. Apart from all the images I have referenced before, the engine that fuels Crysis can do things like these images. They and many others can be found on this pcgames german site.

[CryEngine 2 images via the article - slightly shrunk for reposting]

I should actually find some super images of the characters as well as environments - get inspired by that side as well...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lotsa Machinima

Since I am still looking at a machinima option for my project for next year, here are a few spectacular/loopy/emotive/interesting examples that I dont think I have covered before:

Millions and millions of babies

I had lotsa fun looking at the roller skating babies in the Evian advert back in September. Well, the news (via vizworld) is showing this little ad has been viewed over 45 million times online, this has popped it into the Guinness Book of Records. Doubtless this will mean it will get even more views as people watch it again or tell even more people about it. Youtube has this version of the video at 11 million views...

[Image from the Evian Skating Babies advert by MPC via]